July Boxes Have Arrived!

It’s time to play! We hope you enjoy this fun summertime box!

Items include:

Happy Toes Foot Soak from Love Happy Herbs + Oils

Happy Camper Essential Oil Roller from Love Happy Herbs + Oils

Lavender Play Dough from Dough for It

Lavender Hibiscus Lemonade Mixer

And of course our hand drawn coloring cards!


Ideas for self-care with the July Box

  • Use the foot soak to wind down and prepare the body for rest at the end of a long summer day. Dissolve 1 tbs in a bowl or water or the bathtub using water that’s as warm as you can tolerate. Soak for 20 minutes. You can breathe, read, focus on the sensations on your feet as they soak or enjoy a guided meditation. (We love using the Simply Being app.) Afterwards, gently pat your feet dry and moisturize with your favorite oil or lotion. It’s best to hop right in bed for some reading or winding down time. As you feet cool from the warm soak, your brain will get the signal to prepare for rest and sleep!
  • Happy Camper is a great all-around outdoor oil roller. Even if you’re not embarking on an epic hike, dab some on your pulse points and around your ankles before an evening walk with the dog or a quiet stolen moment on your front porch to take in the stars or city lights. This oil blend brings it all! It wards off bugs, soothes the spirit and mind, uplifts mood and calms irritation.
  • We are posting a video soon about how to make the hibiscus lemonade. Yum! Making your own jar or pitcher of this vibrant pink drink to keep all for yourself in the fridge is a great way to remind you to hydrate and find joy in simple pleasures. Pour a glass and use it as a time to sit and unwind with no agenda. A nice sensory meditation you can use as you sip the healing sweetness of the drink is to let your eyes take in the gorgeous deep pink color, then look around you (in nature, in your home) for other shades of pink or other colors that grab you attention
  • Keep the coloring cards on your bedside table (whether they are colored in or not!) When you wake up, pull a card and let the quote or intention speak to you with universal wisdom about something you are going through in your world. Write it down, take a photo or carry it with you to keep the message front and center.



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