Get Grounded – October Box

This month we have a guest post from Erin Hattler, a certified herbalist and flower essences practitioner and owner of Ortiga Herbs, who created the Get Grounded oil roller especially for our October box.

Now is the perfect time to subscribe to a monthly box of self-care as we hear the crazy holiday season! Or consider our holiday box as the best gift for all the women you love!

Fall is a season of grief and slow-down, of beautiful colors, root vegetables, crisp air and warm scarves. I’ve always had mixed emotions about Fall. On the one hand, I love all the aforementioned things, on the other, I can’t help the tender sadness that comes with the last harvest and putting the garden to bed for winter. I miss the joyous fire of summer, the energy, the possibilities and the sun.

This year, the exuberance of summer was particularly strong, from the intensity of the fires to the eclipse, everything felt, big, expansive and alive. I clung to the energy of summer—pushing myself to do more, create more and be more. I ignored the inevitability of winter. It was exhausting.

I was completely rootless and so, I created “Get Grounded,” a blend of essential oils and flower essences to help us release the joyous expansion of summer, collect energy in our roots and accept the natural inward turn of fall.

Corn has a strong relationship with the land and the people on this continent. It grows tall and strong from deep, grounded roots and is an iconic plant of fall. Corn is one of my favorite flower essences because it captures all of those qualities—it helps us learn to be in alignment with the Earth, to feel grounded, connected and present in our lives. I use corn often with myself and my clients. It is especially valuable for people who have trouble staying centered in their body, as is often the case in urban or crowded environments. Taking corn during the fall helps you to align with the cycles of nature and to feel supported as you naturally slow down.

I added juniper, rosewood and myrrh essential oils to the blend because their spicy, floral, woodsy and smoky aroma plants us firmly in the Earth. Myrrh was traditionally burned at funerals. In the same way, it will help bring you through the sadness of letting go of the summer. Rosewood uplifts depression, sadness and disappointment. Juniper helps the body detox. It will assist you in releasing the toxins you picked up this year, both on the emotional and physical plane.

Have a beautiful fall and take remember to take time to turn in and get grounded.



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