February Boxes

Well, the February boxes should be arriving on your door steps, filled with a reminder that loving yourself is just as important as sharing your love with others! Here’s a little video note from me about a couple of updates, including the sweet little handmade pottery gift from our quarterly philanthropy, Reintegra, which works to help survivors of the sex trade rebuild their lives, reintegrate into society and chase their dreams.

Also, please note that boxes ship around the 22nd of every month, which means they should arrive to you the last week of the month. This is why I have updated the month in the guide to reflect the coming month. The box is the perfect way to start a fresh self-care routine as a new month begins, and the arrival day being just ahead of the new month gives you time to prepare for a new routine. The renewal dates will remain the 3rd of every month, as always. So, for example, monthly subscribers will be auto-billed on February 3, and the March box will ship February 22 or so, arriving just in time to prep your March self-care routine.

As always, you guys are the absolute best!




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